Weather Monitoring Systems

Weather Monitoring Station

Weather Monitoring System for Solar Power consists of the following sensors

  • Global Horizontal Pyranometer
  • Tilt Pyranometer
  • Wind Speed and Direction Sensor
  • Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Rain Bucket
  • Module Temperature Sensor
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Data Logger
  • Tripod
  • Lightening Arrestor
above system is recommended for ground mounted solar power plant. If the size of the plant is more than 5MW it is recommended to use 1 Nos of additional Pyranometer and Module Temperature Sensor per 5MW.

Data Loggers

Datalogger and Data Acquisition System is the brain of weather monitoring station and it is important to select reliable and accurate datalogger like JASDAS2113. Data logger is the device which accurately measures data from various weather sensors. sensor data statistics like min max average values are stored in nonvolatile memory at fixed interval it also supplies this data in real time to other systems like SCADA over MODBUS TCP or modbus485. The storage memory provided is 16GB which can be easily expanded upto 64GB.

Remote Monitoring System For Rooftop Power Plants
Remote Monitoring System is capable of monitoring all the important parameters of rooftop solar power plant. The data can be viewed locally on a PC or on cloud using Wi-Fi, LAN or GSM/GPRS. The data of the following equipments can be monitored

  • Inverters
  • Energy Meter
  • Pyranometer
  • Anemometer
  • Air Temperature and humidity Sensor
  • Module Temperature Sensor
  • Any other equipment which provides data on MODBUS 485 or ModbusTCP.


As per wikipedia thermopile pyranometer measures solar radiation flux density from a 180° field of view angle. it normally measures radiation in 300 to 2800 nm bandwidth. Thermopile pyranometers are frequently used in Solar Power Plants, meteorology, climatology, climate change research and building engineering physics.

Pyranometers are important part in solar power plant to monitor the PR of a solar power plant. In solar Power plant the pyranometers are usually installed horizontally for measuring GHI and in the 'plane of array' for measuring GII. A pyranometer may be classified either as a Class A (or Secondary Standard), Class B (or First Class) or Class C (or Second Class)

Jambhekar Automation Solutions is an authorized Distributor of Kipp and Zonen pyranometers for all over India. CMP3, SMP3, CMP6, CMP10,CMP11, SMP11 are some of the popular pyranometers from kipp and zonen which Jambhekar Automation Solutions distributes all over India

Apart from these Hukseflux provides SR-05, SR-20T1 and SR-20D2 pyranometers and EKO manufactures pyranometes like MS-40, MS-40A, MS-40M, MS-60, MS-60A, MS-60M, MS-80, MS-80A, MS-80M and MS-80S etc.

Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Temperature and Humidity Sensor is used for monitoring Ambient (Air) Temperature and Relative Humidity in general meteorological and environmental monitoring applications. The sensor is generally mounted inside a radiation shield which provides more accurate measurement results. The shield minimizes radiation reaching the sensor, minimizes radiation absorbed by the shield and maximizes ambient air flow around the sensor. In Solor Power plants Jambhekar Auomation Solutions is renowned manufacturer for air temperature and humidity. We also provide ATRH sensors from Davis and RM Young

Solar Module Temperature Sensors

Module temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of PV module installed in Solar Power plants. Accurcy and response time are critical factors while selecting this sensor. Jambhekar Automation Solutions manufactures temperature sensors which are specifically designed for rapid and accurate solar panel temperature. the sensors can directly be mounted on back of solar panels. We also provide module temperature sensors from IMT and Meteocontrol.

Anemometer or Wind Speed and direction Sensor

An anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed and direction. We provide anemometers from reputed brands like Davis, RM Young, Lufft, Meteocontrol and Gill.

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Barometric Pressure Sensor provides information about altitude and air pressure at the location. highly advanced solar plant data loggers like JASDAS-2113 have this sensor inbuilt as option.

Rain Gauge

Our Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is used to measure rainfall volume and/or rate. Rain entering through a funnel assembly with an 7.87-inch (200mm) orifice passes through a debris filtering screen and is funnelled into one side of the tipping bucket assembly inside the gauge. We provide Rain Bucket sensor from vendors like Davis, Texas, RM Young