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Test Automation

350KW Windmill Controller
  • 350KW Windmill Controller
  • Complete Windmill Controller implemented using NI CompactRIO. Includes inbuild remote monitoring and report generation
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Storage System Automation
  • Storage System Automation
  • LabVIEW Application Development for Automation of Material Storage Handling System, with stock monitoring and alerts
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LabVIEW based Welding Controller System
  • Welding Control System
  • LabVIEW based welding control and monitoring system. Monitors multiple welding machines. Features inbuilt report generation
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LabVIEW Vision Development Module based Vision Inspection System
  • Head Inspection System
  • Vision Inspection System that identifies missing components, wrong variants of components in tractor engine head and puts them in rejection bin
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LabVIEW based FIP Adjustment System
  • FIP Adjustment System
  • Fuel Injection Pump assembly requires careful tuning to achieve desired results. FIP Adjustment system assists operator to achieve tolerances effortlessly.
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LabVIEW SCADA for Water Treament Plant
  • SCADA: Water Treatment Plant
  • LabVIEW based application to control and monitor Water Pumping Station. Monitoring data as well as reports are accessible over Internet
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LabVIEW Andon display for manufacturing shopfloor status
  • LabVIEW based Andon display
  • LabVIEW based application collects the status data from all machines on manufacturing line, logs to database and updates andon display
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LabVIEW Shim Selection machine, SPM automation
  • Shim Selection Machine
  • This machine calculates the size of shim to be inserted in rear axel hub assembly of trucks. Inbuilt poka-yoke ensures correct size of shim inserted
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LabVIEW Shim Selection machine, SPM automation
  • Vision Inspection System
  • This machine calculates the size of shim to be inserted in rear axel hub assembly of trucks. Inbuilt poka-yoke ensures correct size of shim inserted
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Solar Power

Solar Data Logger
  • Solar Data Logger
  • Solar data logger logs data from weather sensors. Modbus interface allows collection of data from other devices. web based access available.
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Weather Monitoring Station
  • Weather Monitoring Station
  • WMSm logs data of solar radiation, ambient Temperature, humidity, Wind Speed/direction, rainfall, module temperature and barometric pressure.
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  • Solar SCADA
  • Solar SCADA is SCADA and Data logging system and will be used to acquire, log and present data from 500KW Solar Power plant.
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Theme Parks

Show Control Automation With Multiple Videos And DMX Light Synchronization.
  • Show Control Video & DMX Sync.
  • The system is capable of playing multiple high bitrate HD Videos Also Multiple DMX light can be programmed to trigger in sync with Video.
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Show Automation With Video Mapping
  • Show Automation For Video Mapping
  • In this system,video will play on multiple screens simultaneously,all screens are controlled by single controller.Screens are connected via HDMI interface.
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RFC Panel
  • RFC Panel
  • The system is basically designed for entertaining purpose.There is Videos 3 HD high bitrate displays with synchronizing DMX light.
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Medical Instruments

JAS Uroflowmetry
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Uroflowmetry system monitors urinary volume and flow rate during micturation. Real Time acquisition and graphical reports provides analysis in seconds.
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